10 Reasons Why Blogging is NOT Dead

should you start a blog?Are you wondering whether blogging is still relevant? In the world of video vlogs, podcasts, live videos and social media, it can be easy to assume that blogging is dead.

In this video, I will be sharing 10 reasons why blogs are still relevant and why blogging is not dead.

10 Reasons Why Blogs Are Not Dead

1. Text blogs are still receiving daily traffic, despite the availability of YouTube videos.

2. People learn in different ways, so some of your readers might prefer to read about a topic, rather than watching a video about it.

3. Blogs are great for someone with a photographic memory.

4. You can print out a blog post to read and highlight. This is great for someone with a tactile learning style. You obviously can’t do that with videos.

5. It’s faster and cheaper to start a blog, than a YouTube Channel.

6-10. Mentioned in the video

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