Eight SEO Tips To Drive Crazy Blog Traffic

In this video, you will be learning how to optimize your website for search engines and how to create a website and content that search engine loves. You will also learn how to beat the search engine algorithm so that you can drive serious traffic to your site. 

Before we get into the workshop, I will first walk you through my google analytics for my natural hair website to show some of my statistics which includes my page views, where my readers are from, where my traffic comes from and the content my readers love to read on my site.

It’s important that you know your blog statistics so that you can come up with a realistic strategy for your blog.

For this workshop, I focused on mommy blogs because there are a lot of mommy bloggers in my Facebook community. You should note that the tips shared in this workshop series is applicable for various niches. 

Another thing to note is that there are three biggest search engines in North America, which includes Google, YouTube and Pinterest. This workshop will be focusing on Google search engine because it’s the biggest search engine in the world. If you can optimize your website for Google, you won’t have a problem getting traffic from other search engines.

Eight Ways To Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines

1. Own your domain name e.g. mymommyblog.com NOT mymommyblog.com.blogpost or myfashionblog.com.wordpress. You can buy your domain name from your hosting company.

2. Get a hosting company – my current hosting company is SiteGround, though I’ve used Bluehost in the past.

3. Have a WordPress blog – Google loves WordPress sites

4. Secure your website. You need to have HTTPS, not HTTP (not secure) – Google loves secured websites – your site should have a padlock. Talk to your hosting company about this.

5. Improve the speed of your website


7. Get a beautiful premium WordPress theme – Elegant themes or StudioPress

8. Get to know your google analytics dashboard.

Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in this workshop.


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