Pinterest Webinar | 10 Ways To Grow Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

Are you a beginner blogger? Struggling to grow your blog traffic?

In this workshop, I shared ten ways to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest so that you can grow your audience.

For an ultimate guide on how to use Pinterest for your blog, please check out this blog post.

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Here are the ten tips I shared in the video

  1. Choose a beautiful profile picture.
  2. Use a search engine optimized profile name.
  3. Write a keyword rich profile description so that your target audience know they are in the right place.
  4. Get a business account.
  5. Include keywords that your audience will be looking for in your board names.
  6. Write a clear board description with keywords that will grab the attention of your followers.
  7. Create Pinterest optimized pins. Make sure the images are vertically long, beautiful and eye-catching.
  8. Write keyword rich pin description to boost the ranking of your pins.
  9. Pin at least 5-10 times per day. You can use tailwind to schedule your pins.
  10. Have a targeted and niche profile that speaks to a specific audience.

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What questions do you have about Pinterest?


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