How to Define Your Target Audience and Get Clear on Your Message

define your blog target audience

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When first starting out as a newbie blogger, it can be challenging to know how to define your target audience. You have so many ideas and topics that you’d like to talk about.

If you want to get serious about blogging and monetize your blog, you have to know who your blog audience is.

Not everyone will read your blog, but there are lots of people who are interested in reading what you have to come up with.

After over eight years of blogging, I have come to realize that the best way to drive traffic to a blog is to have a well defined target audience.

Before I share how to define your target audience, I first want to share the advantages of defining your audience.

Advantages of Defining Your Target Audience

1. It makes content creation much easier: once you know who your ideal readers are, it’s easier to create content that they will be interested in reading.

2. You don’t have to spend so much time on social media looking for readers. Instead, they will come to you on their own.

3. You can rank much more easily on search engine for your chosen keywords

4. You will be able to set yourself apart from similar blogs that are more general than yours

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5. You will have a more engaged group of audience who are more likely to pay for your offer.

How To Define Your Target Audience

Step 1: Choose a Topic

If you want to start a fashion blog, your blog topic will be fashion. To have a profitable blog, it’s best to choose a topic that other people can relate with.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a personal blog, it’s harder to rank on google for a specific topic because you will be talking about various things that google will not know how to rank you.

It’s also harder to build a strong community of people who will come to your blog on their own to engage with you.

Simply put, most people only care about what’s in it for me (WIIFM).

Which means that if you have a personal blog where you just share your personal views and opinions, you will have a harder time growing your blog traffic.

Step 2: Choose an audience

After choosing your topic, the next step will be to choose your audience. An audience will be a group of people who would be interested in reading your content. For example, the audience for your fashion blog can be women.

Step 3: Narrow down on the audience

Now that you have a topic and audience, the next thing to do is to narrow down on the audience because not every woman would be interested in your content.

Different women have different fashion taste, which you probably won’t talk about on your blog. An example of a targeted audience for your ladies fashion blog could be single women. Now, it’s a bit easier to write content for this group of people.

Step 4: Narrow down a bit more

One of the reasons why new bloggers get stuck on what to write is mostly due to the fact that they are talking to a general population of people who all have different needs that you possibly can’t address.

However, when you have a targeted audience, it’s much easier to write content they will find useful.

For this next step, I want you to narrow down on your target audience a bit more. For example, Women > Single Women > Between 25-35 years old .

After having this targeted group of readers, it’s much easier to find groups and forums they hang out in to get more content ideas and promote your content.

Step 5: Identify their problem

Now that you’ve defined who your audience is, the next step will be to identify their problem.

For your single ladies fashion blog, their problems, wishes and hopes will be similar, which makes it easy to write content.

So instead of writing posts for every fashionista, you can just write posts that will solve your target audience’s fashion problems.

To get an idea of what they’re struggling with, simply hop into Facebook groups where they will hang out in and ask them this simple question .

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“When it comes to (your blog topic), what do you struggle with the most?”

You can also go on Pinterest to see what other content creators in your niche have written, what’s popular online and then go write a similar post, based on your perspective.

Step 6: Solve their problem

The final step is what will bring you massive traffic, establish you as an authority and make you money! Solving people’s problems!

Think about it, almost every business solves a problem or meets a desire. E.g. Restaurants solve hunger problems and car companies helps people to get to their destination much faster.

A company that can’t solve a problem will soon be irrelevant. To find out how to solve your audience’s problems, you can simply ask them what their dreams, wishes and desires are when it comes to your blog topic.

You can also go check out the solutions that similar bloggers in your niche are providing.

For example, if your target audience for your fashion blog are single women between 25-35 years of age, you can write about outfit ideas to wear to job interviews, your first day at work, date nights, how to dress according to different body sizes, and so on.


If you need help defining your target audience and coming up with blog post ideas that solves their problems, I invite you to join the Facebook group where myself and other bloggers are waiting to help you out.

define your target audience

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