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Now that you have your profitable blog plan created, the next step is to brand your blog so that you can stand out among the crowd. This is also the fastest way to build your audience and grow quickly.

I can testify to the importance of branding your blog because I started noticing a rush of traffic to my natural hair blog when I decided to build a brand that stands out among the crowd. Infact, I’ve had people compliment me on my branding and I had a reader ask if I can share a few things about branding.

A strong blog brand can help you make more money because it can get you many paid opportunities with brands. It can also increase your sales and income because your blog will be seen as a professional and trust worthy site. It also potential clients, customers and companies that you are serious about your blog.

Not only this, you will also command a stronger presence among your peers even though you are just starting out as a beginner.

Think of a blog brand like an Instagram feed.

I’ve followed IG accounts solely based on how beautiful their feed looks like. An IG account with a beautiful feed is also more likely to grow faster than one that isn’t well planed out. This isn’t a surprise though since IG is a visual platform.

Unlike IG though, a blog has a longer lasting presence, so you want to make sure that you are purposeful with the visual appearance of your website.

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Now let’s get to the seven things you need to build a strong blog brand that stands out.

1. Design a Memorable Logo

Most new businesses when they first start out, they will hire an expensive graphic designer to create their logo, business card, website and other unnecessary things that doesn’t actually translate into a profitable business.

A logo isn’t actually a top priority in creating a brand presence, but I listed it first because it’s a popular topic among new business owners. So I want to make sure I address the elephant in the room first.

When it comes to creating a logo, you will have to refer back to your vision and mission statements in your blog business plan, as well as the perception that you are going to create with your blog audience.

This is what will determine the look and feel you want for your logo, as there are several logo templates and ideas out there. You can also look up websites in your niche to get an idea of how you want your logo to look like.

I’m all about simplicity, so I recommend keeping things simple. Also remember that you can always change up your logo in the future when you get more clear about your message.

To create a logo, you can either create one yourself if you have some graphic design skills. You can also get a graphic designer on Fiverr to design one for you at an affordable price. You can hire my company to design your profitable logo that fits your vision, blog topic and niche.

2. Choose Your Brand Color Palette

Your brand colors will be what will set you apart from other bloggers in your niche. This is also what will establish you as an authority and have brands want to work with you.

When it comes to choosing your brand colors, I recommend choosing 2-3 colors. No more than three colors, because you want to be memorable with your audience.

To choose your colors, you want to choose a dark and light color, so that they contrast each other. Your blog vision statement will be what will determine your brand colors. For example, if your target audience are fashion forward women over 30 years old, you’d want to choose colors that resonates the most with these ladies.

To choose a color pallet, I recommend going through Pinterest and search for blogs in your niche to see the colors they’ve chosen. Then, think of a way you can stand out and be easily recognizable by your target audience.

If you are still stuck on ideas, I suggest going to to test out different color palettes to see what will stand out on online.

Note: You want to choose colors that are vibrant, eye catching and easy on the eye. You don’t want to choose dull looking colors that can be hard to read.

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3. Choose Your Font Style

After you’ve chosen your brand colors, the next thing will be to choose a font style.

When choosing your font style, you want to make sure you choose font styles that are easy to read. 

To choose your font styles, I recommend google fonts. There, you can pair up two different fonts to see how they will look like.

Also depending on your blog theme, you might be able to use different font styles in your blog so that your content stands out. For example, some themes will allow a different font style combination for the title and the main content.

It’s crucial that you choose font styles that are easy to read and looks normal. You also want to use an average font size, because most of your readers will be reading your blog from their mobile devices.

Font Size: Make sure your font size is at least 12 point font. Even though most of your readers will be reading from their mobile devices which means that they can zoom in, you still want to create a pleasant readers experience. It’s already hard enough to browse the internet from your phone and be zooming in all the time. You don’t want to make things harder for the reader.

Font Colors: This should be a no brainer, but you want to choose dark fonts like black or dark grey. Nothing cute and faint here. You want your readers to be able to read your content, without squinting their eyes or zooming into their phones to be able to read your content.

I’ve been on blogs with font colors that were too light and subtle with tiny fonts that made the content very hard to read. So I had no choice but to exit and never come back. You don’t want to chase your readers away, after working so hard to bring them to your website.

4. Choose Your Profitable Blog Theme

Think of your blog theme as the layout of a store.  A profitable store is usually setup with aisles that are numbered and labelled so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for.  Some stores are even stylishly decorated and these stores are able to charge a bit more than other stores that sells similar products, but aren’t nicely decorated.

A beautiful blog theme can make your newbie blog look more established than a blog that has been around for a while. It will also make readers to feel more comfortable reading your blog and for brands to feel more confident to work with you because of how professional your blog looks.

For beautiful blog themes, I like to use mojo marketplace. They integrate well with my hosting company which is Bluehost. Another thing I like about Mojo marketplace is that they have yearly sales and their themes starts from as low as $39. They also have themes for different niches, so you can choose a theme that works best for your chosen topic and niche.

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5. Choose Your Visuals

The main reason why you are creating a profitable blog brand is so that you can visually stand out among the crowd online. The best way to do this is by having beautiful visual images.

You can either choose to use personal pictures of yourself or you can use stock photos or a mixture of both. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure they are well lit and beautiful click worthy images that will entice someone to click your images to check you out.

There are several websites where you can find free stock photos. Currently I like because they have a diverse range of stock photos of people from all backgrounds. So if your target market are Black children, you will find an abundant of images of Black kids from this website.

Creating a profitable blog brand involves having a vision for your blog and the perception you want to create with your readers.

When you take all of these into account, including your blog objectives and goals, you will be able to create a beautiful brand that stands out and establishes you as an authority, even though you are only a newbie.

I have prepared a downloadable worksheet where you can create your blog brand template. 


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